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It’s been almost 3 years since our series GUB like US series began Slowly I began to feature families and individuals that would soon become our little GUB community. Jalisa was one of those GUBlikeUS individuals. She was features in September of 2009 and I remember very well asking her to please update us once she finished college. Well that day is finally here! I was so excited when she reached out to share she is just months from graduating and we couldn’t’ be more proud!

Few words from Jalisa:

Hello my fellow mixed people ( and parents of mixed people)! Last time you heard from me I was attending Sacramento State University in my third year. I am happy to announce that this is my last semester at Sac State and I will be graduating in May of this year with two bachelors degrees- in Social Work and in Ethnic Studies. I have been interning at the Gender Health Center in Sacramento where I work with the LGBT community! I have recently come back from Creating Change Conference,in Denver.While I was there I was able to attend different seminars that I found favorable, one in which was for biracial and multiracial people and as you know GUB, I felt completely at home! I am happy to say I am working on myself and just being happy!

Joining us for Mixed Heritage and Family Updates

Happy Mixed Heritage Week GUB!!!!! I am sad to say I have tried to reach out to my father but our relationship isn’t going to work. We are in two very different places in our lives and it’s hard but hey that’s life. But on a positive note, I am happy to announce my mom and sister are doing great! They are very proud of me and are excited to see me graduate!

Family teaching her about her Mixed Heritage

My mother did a very good job teaching us about our heritages. She felt that if I wanted to learn she was willing to teach or find someone who would help teach me. For about five years I dance Ballet Folkorico, which is Mexican folk dancing, and I loved everything about it. My Nana and Papa (mom’s parents) always talked to me about our Mexican Heritage when I asked questions about cooking and religion. My questions were always welcomed in our household. Since my father wasn’t around my mom and my sister always bought me books about my African American heritage. Before my Grandpa passed away (Dad’s father) I would always ask him about his childhood and growing up in the South. I was so interested in the differences of his experiences from the South to the West Coast. My family celebrates everything I can think of which made my childhood and even now very happy.

Expressing Self Identity as an adult

As an adult I still identify as Blackixcan or biracial. My roots have pushed me to be a better person. I come from two strong heritages and whatever I do as far as life and career I will express my mixed heritage! My roots are what keep me grounded to want to help out my community.

Tip for parents of Mixed Heritage kids

“ Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage” by Maria Root, PhD is a poem that every parent should read to their child. Parents: make sure you tell your kids they are enough as the poem says. Tell your kids they should always hold their head up when people ask their odd questions such as if they can touch their hair or how come you don’t look like your mom/dad! Parents please don’t be afraid to discus the “bad” things going on within the culture/heritage the kids. [They] need to know what’s going on and how it could and will affect them. Most of all parents, remember your kids are a product of you and will pass down what you teach them to their kids, so be proud where you are from!!!

Jalisa we can’t thank you enough for reaching out and being such a great role model for our community. We see you doing big things and we hope you continue to share with us your success and we look forward to seeing you grow!

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Know of any more Blackxican families and individuals who would love to be featured?

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