Hello Kitty Donuts Party

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hello kitty donut party for walmart

Remember a few posts back when I talked aboutThe Avengers birthday decor? Well Little Lady has asked about her birthday since then! She’s driven the hubs and I pretty crazy so we decided on a very merry unbirthday celebration. Little lady has the best ideas when it comes to fun times. She asked me if we can make Hello kitty Donuts. I’ve never tried but hey why not? We shopped for other birthday items to make our birthday party come together. After all, it’s the summer, we’re home and DONUTS!

Hello Kitty Birthday finds at Walmart

hello kitty birthday supplies at walmart
Little Lady still loves Hello Kitty as much as she did when she turned 1. It’s gotta be the bow right? We found so many cool items in the Hello Kitty Theme at Walmart but even more fun, we found items to coordinate that didn’t make our theme too overwhelming! If i’m honest Little Lady was deciding between a Watermelon party (Walmart totally has summer watermelon theme in stores) or Hello Kitty. I’m so happy she decided on Hello Kitty. I’m a sucker for the die cut plates, themed goody bag trinkets, and swirly decor. I also loved seeing the plastic cup, paper straws, and table covers in a rainbow of colors! I think the best find were the Hello Kitty Ears! So cute!!

Hello Kitty Donuts

hello kitty donut ingredients

I didn’t know how I was going to make the Hello Kitty Donuts happen. But I did! We headed over to the baking section of our Walmart after picking up the party decor.

What you’ll need:

-Funfetti frosting in 3 colors purple, pink and white

-Sprinkles in pastel colors

-sparkel gel in pink- for the bow

-Marshmallows- for the ears

-box cake mix

-Donut mold

hello kitty frosted donuts
We baked our donuts as we would according to the boxed cake mix. We let them cool on a rack.

Decorate Hello Kitty Donuts

  1. Cut a marshmallow diagonally making 2 triangles
  2. They’ll be super sticky place them on the top sides of the donut
  3. Spread frosting color of your choice all over it be sure to cover the ears too
  4. Sprinkle your favorite sprinkles
  5. Add a bow with the sparkling gel.

hello kitty donuts

And the donuts came out amazing! It took us some time with the frosting because it can get messy but over all they were great!

Hello Kitty Berry Lemonade

hello kitty party
To compliment our party we made pink lemonade from a mix and added 1 cup of purred fresh strawberries for a berry lemonade! It was a beautiful pink color and went well with our theme!

Find the Glass Dispenser by Aladdin at Walmart they’re awesome for parties

hello kitty party decor

Our mini party was a total hit and it didn’t break the bank. I loved being able to pick up everything at Walmart in one shopping trip. The kids had the best time helping plan our party and of course eating all the donuts!

hello kitty birthday donuts
I can’t believe my baby girl is going to be 6 years old! I feel like I just shared her first birthday with you all here on the blog! How exciting her life has been. She continues to add fun moments to our lives! I can’t wait to celebrate her again!

P.S. we also purchased this beautiful Hello Kitty dress at Walmart it has little hello kitty faces all over it!

While we didn’t purchase a cake for this party. I was happy to learn on a recent trip that Walmart offers smash cakes for 1st birthdays! You can also see cakes available at Walmart online and download an order form


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hello kitty donut birthday party

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    • Ruby says

      It totally was! If only this counted towards her real party. You know she’s gonna ask for some other wild ideas! lol

    • Ruby says

      Anything for fun times and building memories with my kiddos! P.S. they weren’t looking like Hello Kitty but thank goodness they finally did!

  1. says

    I can’t get over how cute this is! Using the marshmallows to make the ears is genius. My little girl would love a party like this, maybe even turn it into a tea party!

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