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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.Candy Pen Candy Craft

My kids love making their own things and I like to keep them busy. This Candy Craft Chocolate Pen brings fun to kids and parents alike. I must say that if you love chocolate you’ll want to try this Chocolate Pen! I can already see this being a must have holiday gift idea for kids!

The Chocolate Pen is available at your local Walmart and on Walmart.com

Candy Pen Candy Craft- whats in the box

In the box you will get:

  • The chocolate pen
  • 4 chocolate packages
  • 4 sets pen tips for each chocolate
  • 3 chocolate mold sheets =50 different mold shapes

You will need: Adult supervision and help, Small screwdriver, Scissors, 2-AA batteries, and parchment paper

The Chocolate pen is really fun but before the fun parents need to help set up. This can take a few minutes and will need parents attention throughout the project so consider yourself part of the fun!

Be sure to place batteries in the chocolate pen before starting.  You will need to move semi fast once the chocolate is warm and open. 

Step 1: Setting up

Candy Pen Candy Craft- step 1

The chocolate softens in a bowl of warm water. If the water goes cold so will the chocolate. To help soften the chocolate we massaged the pieces while in the package. This helped to speed the process. 

Step 2: Set up the Chocolate Pen

Candy Pen Candy Craft- step 2

If you’re working with the molds plan ahead which molds you want to make. If you want to add detailed colors be sure to use those colors first. We went with pink first. Be sure to only remove one package at a time from the warm water. 

We followed the directions. They said to move all the chocolate down to leave space to cut the package open. Once open we were to slide the tip, hold with the clamp tie, and to add the pin to make sure the chocolate doesn’t come out. We then roll the chocolate towards the tip we just added and fold the remaining plastic packaging. 

It takes some time to get the hang of the process but it’s not hard. 

TIP: If your chocolate bag has excess plastic material on the sides snip it off with scissors but be sure you don’t cut the bag open. This will help when holding the bag and tip in place with the clamp. 

Step 3: Have fun with Chocolate pen

Candy Pen Candy Craft- step 3

When filling the molds add chocolate with pen. Use the tip pin to help move chocolate around in the mold. We recommend tapping the mold to release any air bubbles. 

Use the top pin also to fill in areas for detail colors. 

Freehand with the Chocolate Pen

 Candy Pen Candy Craft- freehand Candy Pen Candy Craft- freehand GUBLIFE

 You can make cool freehand designs or even write our names! We loved going freehand on parchment paper. Sometimes if you let the chocolate sit out on the paper it harden at room temp! 

Changing the Chocolate Pen chocolate bag

Candy Pen Candy Craft- step 4

You will know when the chocolate pen has run our of chocolate it will make a noise and not push any chocolate out. 

TIP: Remove the bag and squeeze the chocolate thru the bag down and you have some chocolate remaining for more fun!

Trash the used bags once done but keep the tip pin, tip, and clamp for when you buy refills to make more chocolates.

Fun chocolate mold shapes with the Chocolate pen

Candy Pen Candy Craft- molded chocolates

Once you’ve filled all your molds with desired chocolate freeze for 5 mins to harden. Tap the chocolates out of the mold and enjoy! The chocolate was good the kids had a blast making their own chocolates. 

 Find the Chocolate Pen at your local Walmart

Would you try the Chocolate Pen?

Candy craft for kids Candy Pen

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