DIY Holiday Gift: Hot Chocolate Gift Mix

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms holiday hot chocolate gift mix

Did you catch the Better Homes and Garden Live event for Holiday? BHG inspired me for the holidays. Everything from welcoming guest, setting up for holiday dinner, decorating my home and even gifting! There was so much DIY Holiday goodness! I love creating DIY holiday gifts with a personal touch. 

I wanted to share a DIY Holiday Hot Chocolate Gift Mix I was inspired to make my own from the BHG Hot Chocolate Recipe. Since I like to live life simple here is my version of a great gift mix! 

DIY Holiday Gift Mix

diy holiday hot chocolate gift mix-supplies

I shopped at Walmart for all my supplies. There were so many cute containers to choose from  like this glass jar and lid and even the BHG Square Container used in their holiday mix! But feel free to make this your own and choose a container or jar that will work for you!

For the hot chocolate you will need: 

-Instant Hot Chocolate Mix or Abuelita Hot Chocolate discs- or both if your family likes to mix it up! I like just add milk Hot Chocolate mixes. 

-Toppings- Marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermints, or anything else you love topping your hot chocolate with! 

For the DIY you will need: 

 -4 brown pipe cleaners


-Wiggly eyes

-Red pom

-Glue gun

 Build your DIY Holiday Gift Mix

diy holiday hot chocolate gift mix-just add milk hot chocolate

Add the chocolate mix first and pat it down flat. If you’re adding the Abuelita chocolate discs cut them in half and arrange them to fit into your container. 

diy holiday hot chocolate gift mix-

Next add the toppings: Chocolate chips, marshmallows, peppermints or anything else you love! Close your container and secure the lid. 

diy holiday hot chocolate gift mix- reindeer

The best part is decorating it! We made a reindeer but we will also be making a snowman, elf and even santa! 

Using the pipe cleaners make antlers for your reindeer and glue on to container lid.  Lastly, glue on the eyes and nose.

Add a cute tag with ribbon, maybe a cute message and directions. Our will say “Pick a topping and a chocolate mix + just add milk! ”

It’s that easy and so cute! We plan to make a few of these for guests that may visit us during the holidays. It’s a quick and easy gift to have on hand ready to give. 

Find more inspiration for your holidays at BHG.COM

Add this DIY Holiday Gift to your holiday gift ideas board!


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