Soy Mexicana: Washing Away the Negative Labels

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It wasn’t until I moved to New Jersey that I felt the need to share how proud I was of who I am and where I come from. I am a Mexicana from So Cal who’s parents and grandparents were born and raised in Mexico! I speak Spanish with my dad and English with my mom. My name doesn’t sound Mexican unless I say it in Spanish and when people meet me they ask me if i’m a Latina. I proudly say no, Soy Mexicana!  


I find myself teaching my kids about our heritage often. It’s important for me to teach them about the many things that consist of our Mexican roots. From traditions, to food, to language and family history. Having mixed-heritage kids calls for so much education and discussion about heritage because learning to identify and be proud starts at home! 


I started teaching my kids about how proud I was about our Mexican Heritage since they were babies. I make crafts with them, celebrate holidays and traditions and share stories passed down from my parents and grandparents! 

I was recently inspired to make this beautiful bright tote after watching Tide’s video on #WashingAwayLabels. You see to me labels aren’t necessarily a bad thing especially when they are positive and we are the ones determining what they are! I love how Tide has started the conversation for Hispanic Heritage Month to help wash away the negative labels and encourage us to share positive ones!  


I use Tide Pods weekly. They make laundry days easier because Tide Pods are easy to use and effective. When I think about Washing away labels  I think about the many times I’ve been told I don’t look Mexican and how Mexican people are all here illegally. I still remember conversation of when I married my husband and how his co-workers thought he married me so I could get a a green card aka “residency” because he was a U.S. Navy Sailor. Little did they know I was born in the United States and was a U.S. citizen. Those labels stayed with me but they encouraged me to speak loud and proud. They didn’t hold me down!

I think stories like this continue to guide me to share why I am so proud of my heritage especially with my kids. It’s important they learn to share who they are and be proud of where they come from.

Here are 3 easy ways to continue to celebrate your heritage and culture with your kids! 


  • Be the example to your kids continue to share your stories! 
  • Be proud and positive especially when creating a social footprint online and in person!
  • Celebrate traditions keep your heritage alive and pass down traditions and make new ones!

Share with us how you Celebrate Heritage Tweet with us #WashAwayLabels 

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