Growth Spurts at 8: Little Man is growing so fast

Growth spurts with little man GUBlife
Ever since we returned from Cali earlier this year I feel like little man went thru some growth spurts. He’s soon be 8 years old this summer and already I’m seeing clear signs of a growth spurt over the winter season. He’s growing way to fast for my heart but it’s amazing to see him become more independent and self-aware.

I grew up with 3 brothers and I was recently discussing how I didn’t see changes in them until middle school. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention like I am with my boy but still woah my heart, home, and wallet are not ready for the coming growth spurts.
Little Man-growing-GUBlife

Little Man started saying things like I’m tired, I’m hungry, and even gaining some confidence in talking back to us and sometimes not in a nice way!

The first signs were his highwater jeans and growing foot. I feel like I just went shopping for jeans and now they are all too short even the new ones just I bought. He’s getting very tall very fast! His shoe size went up 2 sizes last year and now size 3 are getting tight and worn out fast in all the crazy places his toe area!

And just a few weeks ago we caught him putting himself to bed early. He’s usually the first one out but now he’s come home very tired from school. Not to mention hungry. I questioned his means from school but even when I packed him lunch he still wanted a snack and dinner. When we eat out he doesn’t order from the kids menu cuz he’s usually still hungry.

He’s also become very vocal about the things he enjoys. I enjoy hearing him speak because as a toddler it was hard to get him to speak but even harder to have a conversation at 5. He’s always been shy and quiet. Second grade has really cracked his shell open. I enjoy his excitement when he finishes a book, chapter, story. He wants to share all about it with me. Best of all I love his handwritten notes and drawings. He is so sensitive and loving. But don’t be fooled! Catch little man on a good day and he just might bite back with an attitude. Being vocal has led to many rude talking back too. But kids will be kids right?

Little Man-growth-spurts-GUBlife
I’m excited to see grown I mean soon he will outgrow me. I’m a shoulder away from being moved to 3rd on the height list in our family. He will soon pass me and be on his way to being as tall as daddy. Still as excited as I am for him to grow, my heart hopes he never stops asking for a hug and kiss goodnight. My sweet precious little man, he’s only going to be 8 and here we are going thru yet another of many growth spurts to come. 

Have you dealt with growth spurts? How do you cope?

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