Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late


Our hearts have been heavy all week. Both Marcus and I have sat and discussed every event. We’ve watched in horror the lives taken and the hate that keeps rising in our world. We’ve lived in fear and heightened anxiety as nothing seems to be changing.  We feel heartbroken that yet more violence and lives have been taken this year. We need change in our world and it starts with us and our communities. It’s time to have the conversations, take action, and get educated! 

It starts with us! Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Take action

Sign Petition: We Need Police Reform Now

 Register to Vote

Support local organizations

Sign Petition: End Police Violence


Get educated 

The Problem With Saying “All Lives Matter”

What is BlackLivesMatter

Campaign Zero

7 Rules for Recording the Police



Philando Castile’s GoFundMe

Alton Steling’s GoFundMe

Baton Rouge Bail Fund

Dallas Assist the Officer Donations


MUST Reads

Say Something

Latinos Cannot Be Silent 

5 Steps Latinos Can take to Combat Anti-Blackness

The Value of Black Bodies

Your Fear is Killing My Family

10 Ways White People Can Make Black Lives Matter

Dealing with Apathy Towards Black Injustice

Something, Anything

To the Mother Who Isn’t Outraged

Why the Revolution Will be Streamed

Being an African American Father in America


Conversations with kids 

How to talk to kids about the news

Teaching Kids About Race, Privilege, Equality & Civil Rights in an Age Appropriate Way

Talking with Children About Racism, Police Brutality and Protests



What do we do? How do we Heal?

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”-Amiyrah Martin

“I’m tired from Being Black” – Brandi Jeter


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