A Simple Conversation on Childhood Hunger with Kids

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Denny’s Diner Blogger Ambassador program.

Ya’ll know my kids love pancakes. Telling them that Denny’s has “Free Pancakes for kids” every day in September was like that time we had a Pancake Party! Ya, they couldn’t wait to go. Our family is about that pancake life!


I wanted them to eat something they enjoy but I also had a lesson in mind. You see for the 6th year in a row, Denny’s has teamed up with No Kid Hungry® to help end childhood hunger.

Our conversation was simple.

 How would you feel if you couldn’t eat your favorite food?

What if you couldn’t have any more snacks?

What if you didn’t have food to eat one day?

It’s these types of questions that help my kids understand what childhood hunger is. It provokes emotion, compassion, and an urgency to want to make a change.

So as we had a great time at one of our favorite Denny’s Diners and  shared some photos of our meal on Instagram and Twitter, I wanted them to understand how we have the power to make a change. We have the ability to advocate, shop, spread awareness, volunteer and best of all donate!

I am happy to share my photos, dine with my family and spread awareness of partnerships like Denny’s and No Kid Hungry! I encourage you to dine at your local Denny’s Diner (try the new Fluffy Pancakes with your kiddos), Have a conversation with your kids, snap a photo of your meal, and share it using the hashtag #ShareMySlam!
Denny's is donating $1 for every photo shared using #ShareMySlam. Click To Tweet

Visit DennysNoKidHungry.com to learn more

and don’t forget to check out the cool DreamWorks kids cups they’re pretty dope! They come with a headband and my kiddos loved them! 


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