Mood: Pregnant


Time seems to be running extra fast now that I’m pregnant. I use to have all the time in the world and energy too. My days are now filled with forgetful thoughts, achy body parts, and even worse sleepy syndrome. If you ask me what my mood is chances are high I’ll just say Pregnant. 

I’m pregnant!

I don’t mean to use that as an excuse but really can I show you my pregnant card? I’m tired yall. I’m 32 years old, pregnant with my 3rd child and busy keeping up with an 8 and 7-year-old. Thank goodness for the hubs he’s been juggling work, home, school, and kids! 

I’m feeling much better now though! I feel like the 2nd trimester is really helping to get things back to normal. So here’s what you’ve missed!

First trimester:

Aside from the excitement of finding out we were expecting I had it pretty rough. I  went from having all the emotions and learning I was having an allergic reaction to my prenatal vitamins to really bad morning sickness and some somber moods (keeping an eye out for pre and postpartum depression). It wasn’t this bad with my other pregnancies. Past months have been filled with a continuously nauseated feeling but I pushed thru. I was able to take our family on a vacation of a lifetime aka our Familymoon ( more on that soon) and I was able to travel for work. 


Second trimester:

Sadly the excitement of that awesome vacation wore off quick when my ob-gyn handed me this prescription for ZIKA testing along with other blood work and glucose testing. Listen I’ve been a gordita my whole life, ya a plus-size HEALTHY mama. I take things seriously and ask questions before I make decisions especially when it comes to my babies (buns in the oven included)! So when I was greeted by doctors in my practice with all the negativity it thru me in for a loop. All is well I had no symptoms and my tests returned negative for all things including ZIKA! 

gubbaby-23wks-ultrasound-gublifeWe had our ultrasound too at 23wks and we were able to see little baby….kinda. We aren’t finding out the gender but even if we were this little one wasn’t having it. We have to return for more scanning but doctors reassured us Little Baby is growing well and there is no need to be alarmed. Better said than taken I assure you! Little Baby is already 1lb 6oz and this mama is down close to 18lbs! Ya, I don’t gain much til the end more on that soon!

Little Baby is already kicking, moving, and giving me amazing heartburn! I feel like a dragon with invisible fire! The allergic rash to my vitamins is gone and I finally finished our baby registry!

The kiddos:

The kiddos are doing good asking lots of questions about Little Baby. I get asked at least once a week why we aren’t finding out the gender but I’m sure they’ll love the surprise when Little Baby arrives :) For now, it’s hard to keep up with them but soon they’ll be big helpers and I can’t wait to see them as big brother and sister! 


Things are good and I’m excited to be back! I’ve missed chatting and sharing with all our GUBfriends! I’ll be back with more awesomeness! Don’t forget you can always find me and the rest of the GUB family on our social channels! I update often on with #GUBlife

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