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34 weeks-doctor-with-kids
34 weeks! I went to the Doctor today and since the kids are on summer break I brought in Cecilia with me. She had all the questions for me. I didn’t have answers fast enough for her. I also feel extremely ready to give birth. It’s amazing how one thing can just put you at ease. Third time parenting is way chill this time around.

34 week Doctor Appointment Update

These appointments have been pretty fast. As always weight and BP checked out fine. I had some concerns about my ongoing congestion as well as some swelling I noticed over the weekend. The doctor said unless I wake up with sudden swelling around my face I’m good. The doctor mentioned the humidity causing swelling that is normal but to just keep an eye on it. If I get concerned I can always call in to get check out.

Like I mentioned, I brought Cecilia in for this appointment. I was most excited about her hearing the baby’s heartbeat. She kept me on my A game asking so many questions. She wanted to know why I had to bring in a little cup filled with pee, she also asked really loud “Mom did you bring the little cup that has you know what”, She wanted to know how the doctor knew we were in the room waiting (guessing at this point she got bored), and a whole bunch of other questions and statements regarding “If the baby is a girl”

When the Doctor checked the heart rate Cecilia said “Why does the baby’s heart sound like farts” SMH! Yes, my kid would say that! I have one more 2week appointment and then I’ll be seen every week until the arrival of baby!

41 days or less ’til GUBbaby arrives I’m Ready to give birth

34 weeks- ready to give birth- gublife
While we did create a baby registry those things weren’t needs they were more wants. It’s so different this time around. I don’t need or want all the things. The one thing I was stressing over was a car seat /travel system. It sounds so stupid but after 8 years I was completely overwhelmed with choices. Also, keep in mind that I had planned to use the kid’s hand me down baby things. This is when I learned these things have an expiration date!

Our list of things for to get ready for the baby was simple.

-Diapers + Wipes- Check, Thank You Pampers!

-Crib- On its way

-Dresser/changing table- On its way

-Baby clothes- All washed and stored

-Car seat / Travel System- Ready for Baby!!!

34 weeks- ready for baby-evenflo-pivot gublife
After much research, we found the travel system that was right for us. The Evenflo Pivot travel system comes with a car seat and base that are easy to use and come with extra protection known as The SafeMax. Overall we loved how versatile the travel system is. Its 3-1 design accommodates many stages of growth and the ability to easily switch from forward to rear facing is one of my favorites things. We’ll have a better review once GUBbaby takes it for a spin. For now, this travel system has eased my stress. We are just waiting to have GUBbaby. I’m so ready!

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