potty training #538743

Its going on forever that we have been trying to potty train little man. In result of moving and not having a bathroom on our level of the house has made this complicated.

Little man has successful gone #1 many times when asked however never asked to go to the potty. Hes gone #2 successfully once and let me tell you he warned me once he was done by saying “mom done… it’s scewy(scary)”

I found myself having to ask him about 15-20 mins after he was done eating to go to the bathroom most times it worked.

Any time I saw him hiding I would take him to the bathroom. That one never worked until I decided to walk away and leave him in there by himself. That is when we had the SCARY one.

Now he has no desire to use the potty throws tantrums. It beginning to be a chore and not fun at all.

However little lady yelled out “POOOOOOP” today as we were all at lunch I took her to the potty and She went! She’s only 17 months is she really ready????

Has all the hard work we have been putting in with little man worked on little lady??
We have sat her down a couple of times and she has been successful however we never forced it since shes very young… or is she?

I going to start being more presistent and stay on top of it. I’m hoping on to train both at the same time and hopefully little man will be encouraged.

I know we haven’t been consistent so that is a big reason why little man has been successfully trained. Since I am home now this will hopefully a lot easier.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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