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La Chancla is not something I ever thought I had to resort to this soon in my kids life, let alone it being with little lady. Little lady however has decided to test our parenting skills to the max. For the past 2 weeks she has snuck out of bed at least 5 times every night before having to get threatened with a time out. It went from threats to actually being in time out because we were fighting with her to stay in bed until 11pm most nights. It is ridiculous when bedtime is almost 2hrs before that.

Last night however things had to change. I refused to listen to cries of not wanting to go to bed and her sneaking out 5 minutes later and doing this over and over again. I resorted to pulling out a chancla (sandal)

For those of you not familiar with la “chancla” growing up in the Mexican culture la chancla was what kept you from acting out. You would get it thrown at you or a spanking on the butt. If the spanking was on the butt you usually were getting told what you did wrong with every word being a slap with the chancla. I probably got a spanking with the chancla once in my life and that was enough. After that spanking I was only showed the chancla to know I had to stop. Then of course when the chancla didn’t work you always had the evil eye look(more on that in a later post)

I don’t plan on spanking my kids with the chancla the mere scare of hearing the chancla slap against something should be enough to keep them from acting out. Today it worked. Little lady herd me walk over and I slapped la chancla by her bed and she got right under the covers. She went straight to bed.

Though it worked I do feel bad. Having to scare her to do something was something I never imagined but I’ve now realized I’m dealing with a mini me. My parents always said I was a pretty quiet kid, little do they know I am now dealing with everything I ever got away with. Little lady will be the reason for all my grey hair.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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