GUB like US- Gabriela

We are back with our GUB like US series. I hope you enjoy hearing for our first individual GUB like US. Her mother is African American and her father is Mexican. For more information about our series head on over to GUB Like US


Hi, my name is Gabriela. I’m 19 Years old and grew up in Santa Ana ,California all my life. My mom is from California. My dad is from Tijuana, Mexico. My mom and dad only had me; but I have two older brothers and an older sister.

On being bi-cultural:
Growing up bi-cultural I had to face [a lot of circumstances] “what’s with the weird last name?” “Why are you with that man?” or the questions of “why do you call him dad, he’s Mexican? But when [I was questioned] from a younger [person] more naïve side, it was “you’re not mixed you look more black”

Getting older I started developing more of both my mother and father’s features. For example I was blessed with my mother side of the family height, my mother is 6’1 and as of today I am 5’9 so when it comes  to me and my father  he would take me out places people would wonder “who is she to him”?

Best part of being bi-cultural:
Growing up was I have to say the best part though honestly, I got the best of both worlds African American and Latina Two very sexy women in this world!

On being bilingual:
I didn’t really pick up the language of speaking Spanish. When it came up to being around my family I had a hard time picking up the language.

 How she identifies herself to others:
When it comes up to telling people or “bubbling” in what race I am I say mixed, African American and Mexican American.

On the term Blackxican:
I don’t find Blackxican offensive because it is who I am…

Advice to others who are bi-cultural:
Do not be ashamed of what you are mixed with because in all honesty it’s a blessing….

On what her future holds:
I want to become a motivational speaker, psychologist, mentor , counselor, great mother and wife. My dreams have kind of been a type of fairy tale but nothing is impossible.

Special thanks to Gabriela. Thank you for sharing a little but of who you are with us. I am sure you will accomplish many of your dreams. Keep reaching for the stars!!!

If you are also a Blackxican Family/Individual who would like to share your story Contact us at We would love to hear from you!

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