Reyes Magos Letter and Treat Stocking

reyes magos_letter stocking

El dia de los Reyes Magos( The day of the three wise men) Has always been a very special holiday for my family and I strive to continue this tradition as I remember it as a kid. It’s been our second Christmas for as long as I remember. Our stockings were always filled with treats on January 6th.

This year I decided to make our celebration a little more personal. I saw My amiga Monica from Mommy Maestra was providing a free template for a letter to the Reyes Magos in English and Spanish! Click the image below to download your own!

I decided to create our ow letter holders that will be filled with little treats for the kids as a thank you from the Reyes!

To create these Stockings here is what you will need:

reyes magos_letter stocking
1-Reyes Magos Stocking template -Free Download from GUB
2-Felt 8×5 sheet or larger
3-Tacky Glue
5-Decorative elements- We used Poms in various sizes
6-Felt for optional hanging loop and extra decor

Let’s get started!
reyes magos_letter stocking
1-Print, Cut and Trace your template stocking. Cut it out and be sure to have two
2-Adhere some glue to one of the stockings leaving the top open secure the other piece above it
3-Decorate your stocking
4-While the glue is still drying ad a little felt piece looped for hanging purposes This is optional
5-Print out the Letter template mentioned above and have your kids offer the Reyes some great words and maybe even drawings if your little ones are little.
6- Leave the stocking with the letter inside out for the Reyes to take and fill with treats for your kids.

We hope you have an amazing Dia de los Reyes this weekend if you are celebrating we will be sure to share what they brings us!

Se our past Reyes Magos celebrations 
2011 2012 1 &

Have you seen our craft over at Spanglish Baby?

Image Courtesy of Mommy Maestra: Thank you to Monica for allowing us to use the image

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