Bilingual Fun: Kid’s First Spanish Conversation

first spanish conversation

I’m always trying to think of new ways for the kids to learn Spanish. Who would have thought some funky old school cellphone walk-talkies would spark up the kid’s first Spanish conversation! The best part is I wasn’t forcing them or asking them to try a new word or to even communicate with each other in Spanish. They did so all on their own.

Our bilingual mission has been slow but nonetheless we’ve never given up. While I am constantly forcing it down their throats I do occasionally as them to do something or recite after me in Spanish. Little Lady is always the first to want to volunteer. For a while Little Man has been asking what random things around our home are said in Spanish.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to hear them say

LL”Hola brother como estas” *giggle*
LM: “Muy Bien, Gracias” *giggle*

They stopped and I waited to see if they’d continue.

I finally said, ask her what her name is “como te llamas” Little Man repeated
Little Lady proudly stated her name and looked at me… I said ask him his

They both giggled. I don’t know if they were laughing at my face because I clearly had lost it. I was so happy. Or if it was that they’d finally figured out their walkie-talkies. They had been talking right next to each other without pressing the button to talk.

Either way, they were learning and they had their first conversation with each other in Spanish.

Today they played some more with their new toys and I overheard Little Lady tell Little Man “NO, brother in Spanish… go ask mom”

They were talking about going to the park for a picnic. Perhaps we will and maybe we’ll learn some more Spanish their too.  I am so proud of my bilingual babies.

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