Marketside Family Meals Made Easy

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

marketside family meal made easy

When it comes to cooking for the family the go to person is really the hubs. I find myself very busy and creating meals and getting creative in the kitchen can be very hard. Nonetheless, I always try and if I can find products to help in that department I’m immediately sold. This is when I discovered the that Walmart’s private label Marketside had such a variety of prepackaged food for family meals made easy!

vegggies salads subs and soups

I found a variety of products aside from our favorite ready to eat rotisserie chickens and ready to bake pizzas.

market side products

Some of the products that caught my attention were the sandwiches, soups and salad kits. They also had fresh baked bread, bottled dressing and hummus! Also ready to eat flavored chicken breast to compliment salads and organic prepacked veggies! The possibilities for family meals made easy were endless!

Lunch family meal

I had the opportunity to put a meal together for my family and that I did. I was able to whip up a quick family lunch using Marketside products that literally took a few minutes of heating and pairing on a plate for the family.

sandwich soup salad

We made it a sandwich, soup and salad lunch. Delicious fresh turkey and ham Marketside sub with a Marketside broccoli cheddar soup. Instead of chips we opted for Marketside organic crispy baby spinach with a little guacamole. I loved having the guacamole in prepacked servings it came in packs of 3 in the little Marketside box so convenient!  The kids loved having a variety of things to eat that were colorful and flavorful.

dinner family meal

Dinner was super simple to make also and really loved trying a new dish for the family.

Sesame Ginger Chicken StirFry

Using Marketside Vegetable Medley in a family size, a Marketside rotisserie chicken that was pulled off the bone and some delicious Marketside sesame ginger dressing I made a quick stirfry for the family.

I literally took the chicken apart while the veggies simmered in our wok added some sesame ginger dressing and lastly our already cooked chicken. Can you say delicious! It was so good and took little energy.

enjoying a family meal

These family meals were made easy thanks to Marketside products from Walmart. Just 7 Marketside products for 2 easy family meals at an affordable price.

These options have already been a lifesaver during this crazy holiday season. Not to mention Marketside also offers trays of veggies and deli meats for your holiday parties!

Have you ever tried Walmart’s Marketside products? 

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