DIY: Glitter Dodger Easter Eggs

It’s no secret we are DODGERS fans! We love our Los Angeles Dodgers! This year with little Man playing t-ball we are so excited he is on the Dodgers. I wanted to make a cool DIY to celebrate this Easter but also show you how you can make your own favorite team simple. The kids can help it’s super fun and easy!

To create these DIY Glitter Dodger Easter Eggs you will need:

Real hollow eggs or Plastic decorating eggs
Mod Podge
Logo cut out
Paint brush – thin tip
Optional- piercing tool for real eggs

Can you guess which are real and which are plastic eggs?

I love that the plastic eggs are so lifelike. It really doesn’t matter if you use real or plastic eggs.
The top are fake the bottom are real.

Let’s Get Started!

Start by printing and cutting your logo. Cut as close to the edge as possible for a clean look.

Adhere the logo with mod podge. Start by brushing on one layer pasting the logo and adding another layer over it to attach the glitter. Be sure there are no bumps or bubbles in the paper.

Next using a brush adhere the logo. I did a combination of dry glitter directly to the logo with a brush and later would go over it with a mixture of dipping the brush into the mod podge and then the glitter. Both worked great.

Allow the glitter to dry. Usually this take a few minutes move on to the next egg while you wait

Add another layer of Mod Podge and seal the glitter. I brushed glitter all over the egg. Using the glossy mod podge gave the egg a real cool effect.

tip: If you use real eggs consider making these Cascarones OR Piñatitas!

We rolled some of our eggs in glitter on the last step too! It gave them a cool look with different types of glitter too!

All Done! Goooooooooooooooo Dodgers!

How do you decorate your easter eggs?

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dodger easter eggs


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