Steak Tacos with Avocado Lime Salsa

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

I never thought I’d marry a man who loved TACOS and all things spicy! The hubs definitely loves his Mexican food and tacos are top of the list. Not to mention a good salsa or avocado anything to top or dip a dish is ideal. That’s why this Father’s day I wanted to share one of his favorites Steak Tacos with Avocado Lime Salsa. This is one of the easiest salsas to make and brings this dish together with great flavor. We are sure every dad would love it!

You will need
-Milanesa -1lb of thin cut steak meat
-Corn tortillas
-Salsa ingredients see below
-McCormick Steakhouse Seasoning griller

We made sure to stop by our local Walmart for all of our ingredients especially because the quality of meat and the cut we need is always available at an affordable price. Plus buying produce at Walmart comes with Fresh Produce Guarantee. If it’s not fresh you get 100% money back guarantee!

Marinate/ Season Meat

You want to use a thin sliced meat for your tacos. We like using something called milanessa  A couple of hours before we actually grill our meat, we season it and store it for at least 2 hours. The hubs is simple so he likes using Steakhouse Seasoning Grinder by McCormick with a little season-all. Nothing to crazy. However, if we want to get traditional, my family marinates their carne asada in a homemade marinate  by Presley’s Pantry. The trick is in the citrus for a tender meat. Give it a try or season to your liking.

Avocado Lime Salsa

The reason I love making Avocado Lime Salsa is because it’s fresh no cooking needed like most salsas my family traditionally makes. It also has 2 of mine and the hubs favorites avocado and limes so it’s not wonder he loves it! Some simple chopping and food processor or blender does the rest of the work!

5 small tomatillos
2 avocados
2-3 medium limes
1 garlic clove
2 serrano peppers you can substitute with 1 jalapeño too
1/2 tsp of salt (optional)

1. Clean and cut your ingredients to fit in your blender.
2. Blend your 5 tomatillos first, then add the garlic and chiles (for less kick remove the seeds or  add one chile)
3. Place your salsa base in desired dish and blend the avocados alone in the same blander and add to the salsa (the reason I do this separately is because I like to keep a little bit of chunks of avocado in the salsa for texture)
4.Finley chop your cilantro and mix in to salsa with a spoon. I add about 1/4 of a cup If it were up to hubs he’d add it all but I like to save some for the tacos!
5. Last squeeze in the juice of 2-3 limes depending on how juicy they are. You want a runny consistency with a few chunks of ingredients. Add salt for taste.

Let’s get grilling!

Grilling the meat over charcoal really gives these tacos the carne asada taste! It really is in the char taste that does it for us! We also heat our corn tortillas for the tacos our on the grill.

Cut your meat and place the desired amount in a tortilla, top with avocado salsa and a little more cilantro! Serve with Mexican Rice and queso fresco to really bring it all together! Delicious!
Ready to serve the special man in our home! He says the perfect Father’s day meal for him. Well luckily for him he got an early father’s day meal!
Try these tacos with salsa over the summer and let us know what your family thinks? 
Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads especially our own Daddy Marcus!
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