Day of the Dead DIY Felt Sugar Skull

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Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead is one of my favorite Mexican traditions because it’s a way of keeping my grandparent’s, who have passed, spirits alive! I’ve always celebrated Day of the dead with the kids and taught them as much as I can remember about my grandparents. Dia de los Muertos allows me to have special time to discuss why we should always remember those who have passed and a way to connect my past with my present.

That is why making crafts with my kids is so important. Every year we build a tiny altar dedicated in the corner of our home to my Tatas and Nana! The kids know them as papuchoni’s dad (My dad’s dad) and Grandma’s mom and dad.

This year I got a head start on something a little different but still very hands on. We made felt calaveritas or sugar skulls! These sugar skulls are embellished with simple yet beautiful colors and is a great way to introduce kids to this Mexican tradition! Sugar Skulls are said to have been a sweet offering to those who have passed to celebrate their return. They are used to decorate the altars. Today Sugar Skulls come in various shapes and sizes like these made out of felt.

Make your own Felt Sugar Skulls

-Felt board heart shape
– 6 felt color sheets at least one in white
-Sequin mix in bright colors
-Acrylic jewels in bright colors
-Tacky Glue

All my supplies were purchased at Walmart. I appreciate being able to pick up supplies that are so simple and versatile at my local Walmart. I know that while  specific Mexican home decor for Dia de los muertos isn’t at my reach I can always create my own with my kids for an affordable price. Visit the crafts department at your local Walmart and get inspired this Day of the Dead!

Let’s get started!

1-Sugar Skull base/face Using your heart shaped board as the base. Cut a smaller rounded upside down triangle for the face of your sugar skull. Free hand this over your base sugar skulls don’t have to be perfect.

2- Using at least 3 different colors begin to cut your face decor.

For Eyes cut:
2 large circles in a darker color like deep purple
2 smaller circles in a bright color

For mouth cut:
1 long strip of dark felt
5 small strips of dark felt

For face embellishments:
2 “S” shapes for cheek bone decor
1 flower (picture below) and 1 circle for flower base

Adhere all your pieces using tacky glue

3- embellish more
Using the sequin decorate on your face and around. Get creative and make other shapes!
Remember the iconic embellishments at the forehead of your sugar skull
And don’t forget the final touch to the flower or eyes!

4-Allow sugar skull to dry flat until ready to place by your day of the dead altar or hanging as home decor!

TIP: Create a hanging altar by placing another heart dedicated to those who have passed with your family. This is a great way to celebrate using minimum space! It also makes great Home Decor!

How will you celebrate Day of the Dead with your kids?
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