Little Lady’s Holiday Show

little lady holiday show

My little lady had her kinder holiday show. The hubs and I attended with anticipation because if i’m honest she’s be driving us batty with these songs for a few weeks now. 

She sang her little heart out and did something so special for me. I get emotional just thinking about how special she is to me. I love little man but the bond I have with my daughter is different. 

While she stood up there singing she looked right at daddy and me. She never once looked away she was singing to us and was so proud.

little lady kinder holiday show

She came running to hug us when she was done with her songs and looked me straight in the face and said I saw you were laughing at my songs lol She’s pretty sassy if you didn’t know it. 

little lady kinder holiday show- mommy and me

She was so proud of songs and she was singing and dancing and having so much fun with her friends. I loved it!
holiday show with little lady and daddy

After the show, we were invited to join the class for some cookies and juice. It’s so sweet to see her so excited to want us to see her class every time we visit school. She led dad by the hand to her class and kept saying hi to her friends telling them we were coming to her class. My kid loves school!

little lady kinder holiday show- class party

I can’t believe we are half way thru the kinder school year. It’s been such an amazing time to see her grow right before my eyes. I’d love to slow down time but I can’t wait to see the wonderful girl she will turn out to be.

Another milestone to check off for my little lady so thankful for these memories.

Catch a piece of her holiday show in our daily vlogmas below:

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