The importance of Celebrating Mixed Heritage Week

mixed heritage week gublife celebration

We are so excited to celebrate Mixed Heritage Week! This is our 3rd year celebrating on the blog! It was back in 2013 that we learned UC Davis had an on campus celebration that sparked the need for us to bring awareness to a celebration that matters to us in a big way!

It’s no surprise our family is Mixed Heritage. Our blog is called after all Growing Up Blackxican or GUB for short! We’ve been blogging for 6 years about our GUBlife and thru it all we’ve loved inspiring families to celebrate Mixed family life, culture and traditions. These are the very things that are important to our family and that we love to share with you our readers! 

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gublife-family-roundThe importance of Mixed Heritage Week to our family is the celebration of who we are. Our family is blended of 2 cultures. We celebrate the challenges, the parenting lessons, and the teaching moments with our children. We make efforts to expose our kids to the things we find important thru television, books, conversations, and even taking trips!  

This isn’t to say we don’t celebrate our family thru the year but during this week we take extra initiative to ask questions and spread the awareness of families like ours. Because thru it all we can learn from each other and we can build a community where we can all come together to ask questions and feel a sense of belonging! 

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This Mixed Heritage Week we hope to continue the discussion of Mixed family life, the importance of celebrating and creating new traditions with your family, and learning to positively identify while understanding that it’s ok to continue to change or add to how you identify. 

We have a week of exciting Mixed Heritage Celebration discussions and we can’t wait to hear from you! 


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