Discovering our Family Roots


 Our kids have motivated us to do something we’ve been stalling on for years, Discovering our Family Roots. Being a Mixed Heritage Family calls for a lot of research. Thankfully Ancestry reached out after watching a video of Little Man explaining his understanding of his Mixed Heritage, and offered us some help in researching our family roots! They granted us an Ancestry Membership and Ancestry DNA tests for the hubs and I. 

Little Man is soon to be 8 and Little Lady is soon to be 7. Now that they are school-aged, they have tons of questions about our family. 

Where did we live before?, Where did Grandma and Papuchoni live? What about their parents? Does Grandma and PopPop have parents? The questions are endless and asked more often. 

Not only do we find it important to discover our roots and document it all, but it’s important for the kids to know that being Mixed Heritage comes with a background of ancestors that have traveled far and wide. The stories are many but not all have been told not even to the hubs and I. The only story we continue to tell is the one where mama and daddy met and fell in love and soon started a family. 

So we are overwhelmed with excitement as we discover our roots, the stories of our ancestors and the long line of heritage that run in our mixed heritage family.  

Discovering our Family Tree


My mother in law has done tons of the work in filling out our family tree. She has over 1000 people listed. I feel like every week i’m learning more about the hubs family. She’s also filled out and found some of my side of the family.


We’ve traced the hubs family roots back to Georgia and the stories have already been amazing! We can’t wait to share! Let’s just say an orange, a train ride, and love story have come about! Funny bit: I’m originally from Orange County …. a sign from the universe I say YES! He also has family history in North Carolina Which we’ve been too for a family Reunion when we first moved to the East Coast. 


Discovering my side of the family has been interesting. Ancestry has expanded their Mexican Records which include marriage, divorce, baptism, border crossing! It’s been fun going thru and getting excited to discover when my grandfathers both my maternal and paternal crossed the border thru the Bracero program and so much more! I’m still learning more about my roots in Jalisco, Mx. Best of all i’ve enjoyed asking my parents many questions about our family and how we came to reside in Tijuana, Mx. As of now I’ve got stories about the river, how two families came to reside on a mountain together, and my parents love story!

Discovering our Roots thru DNA 


With still so many unanswered questions about where our ancestors come from exactly we decided to submit our DNA thru Ancestry DNA. The process was so easy and took less than 5 minutes to complete online and mail out! We can’t wait to see the results and to share them! 


Ancestry DNA is important to us because as Mixed Heritage family we want to share every thing we can out about ethnic mix with our children so that they can continue to grow proud and informed of who they are and where they come from. 

We can’t wait to discover more of our family roots!

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    Growing up I felt like I was the only one. I’m so happy to see little Blaxicans learning about both cultures and paving the way for the next generation. I’m an adult now, but I love following this page. #BlaxicanPride

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