Ancestry DNA Results are in

ancestry dna- results are inIt’s been a few months since we last updated you guys on our journey to discovering our family roots. I’m happy to report that our DNA results are in. Ancestry not only gave us a membership to but they also sent us two DNA tests for the hubs and I to discover our roots. We couldn’t be more excited to not only get confirmation of where our ancestry lies but also give this gift to our kids.

Our Ancestry DNA Results

 As you saw in the video, Marcus received an 87% estimate of African Roots that was then broken down into 4 regions. The results made me very emotional because every time we learn more about his roots we realize the history that is attached to it. He also received a 12% estimate of European roots. These are all important things and only add to our search for distant family.

My results were a bit predictable I was hoping for actual Mexico region results but I received 57% estimate Native American.  I also received a 33% estimate of European roots and 6% African roots. It was all interesting to receive. 

Ancestry DNA gives great information about the regions for your roots. There is a lot to read to learn more about the regions as well as a map with color coordinated areas of your results. Ancestry also helps discover family easier by providing 3rd-6th  cousin results. 

 Ruby’s DNA Results



I was happy to go thru the list of possible family members as well as the maps.


ruby dna results

Marcus’ DNA 



Marcus also received a map and was matched to 147 possible 4th cousins or closer. We are still going thru to discover potential family members.

marcus dna results

Overall we were pleased with the results and knowing a little more about our family roots. The test was not only easy to take and submit, we also received it in said 6-8week window. 

We also are excited to announce that we will be continuing our family roots discovery this summer as we head down south for a family reunion on hub’s side of the family. We expect to ask questions, get names, and add more family to our family tree! 


Learn more about Ancestry DNA and help discover your family’s roots. 

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  1. says

    I think when it says Native American that applies to Mexico native as well. At least that’s how I understand it. Very cool. I want to do it too.

    • Ruby says

      Yes, it refers to all of the Americas North and South. It was very cool I really enjoyed the experience.

  2. says

    Congratulations on getting your dna tests back. I can’t wait to do my kid’s. Since we adopted who knows what his will say. Ahhh, adventure! =)

  3. says

    Ruby and Marcus, The enthusiasm you have for family history can be felt through the screen. I wish I could bottle it up and sprinkle it on others!

    Thank you for sharing your AncestryDNA experience. We look forward to tuning in to more family history discoveries as your journey continues.

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