Mama You Got This- Cold and Flu Care Kit

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Boogie Wipes 


Things have changed now that we are soon to expect another little one but a lot of things are still the same. When it comes to parenting my kids. I still rely on the same products I used when my kids were tiny during the cold and flu season.

In a recent shopping trip to purchase cold medicine and other must haves for my sick kids, I noticed an overwhelmed mama with a crying sick toddler.  If I could have given her a care kit right then and there, I’m sure it would have helped make her life a little easier as she aided her baby back to health.


I’ve learned that with parenting comes a strong sense of sisterhood with other mamas.  I relied on other mamas as a first time mom and really took their opinions into consideration. Life is about trials and errors but if I can help another mama out with a simple note of encouragement and care kit during an overwhelming time I’m happy to help my fellow mama!

Making a Mama Care Kit is easy, Just add some favorites, a little personalized encouragement, and pass it on.


In my basket, I like to include Boogie Wipes and Boogie Wipes Saline Mist, “The Mist with a Twist”. Both of these products help my kids feel and look better. The natural saline helps dissolve and wipe away the boogers and mucus. Gone are the crusty irritated button noses. My kids also enjoy the grape scent but there is also fresh and no scent wipes!

I also include a new drinking cup because hydration is so important as they get over the cold and flu. Getting a new cup is a distraction to feeling sick. I also include a cute but washable toy. It will help distract them from feeling down and maybe give mama a little break.

And last, an encouraging note with a little personalized DIY. I love cute hand decorated clutch bags. I know this mama can use it to take Boogie Wipes or meds on the go and later use the same bag for makeup or other things to keep in her purse.


So to the mamas that get a little frazzled during cold and flu season, I say to you Mama, You got this!  Pay it forward this motherhood sisterhood needs all the encouragement when times get tough!

Find Boogie Wipes and Mist at your local Target and WalMart



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