BroMail: Star Wars Fans Celebrate May the 4th

You see this photo below? That is the beginning of a Bromance! Joseph is Lisa’s Husband you may remember her from my previous Amiga Mail. And y’all know Marcus, the hubs. Marcus and Joseph are Star Wars fans so my amiga Lisa from Atypical Familia and I thought it would be dope to have them do a BroMail exchange for May the 4th! Our guys work hard and deserve some manly gifts every now and then.

Our guys developed a bromance We're already planning the next cruise! #disneysmmc

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Lisa from Atypical Familia and I joke that our husbands hit it off during our last vacation. They totally did! Their love for Star Wars and comics pretty much had them chatting and hanging out during the trip.

I’m glad they had each other. They spent time riding the rides Lisa and I weren’t down to and they also got to hang out on the cruise ship watching movies, trying the adult beverages and watching the kiddos. We hope they hang out again soon!

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Marcus learned that Joseph loves Boba Fett so we went on a hunt for all things Boba Fett with some cool finds Marcus thought Joseph would like. 

Star Wars POP Tee

This was a cool tee Marcus picked up at Target. He was on the hunt for the Boba Fett one but no luck. This stormtrooper seems pretty dope too. 

Star Wars Graphic Novel

Not gonna lie Marcus wanted to keep this. hahaha. I’m surprised he hasn’t gone back to Target to get a copy for himself. 

Boba Fett accessories 

I think he got these at Target too. He went on a hunt without me and brought home these to add to his Bro Mail box. I thought it was cool they made Boba Fett cup holder coasters. He also got a pen and a key chain. 

Boba Fett Card 

And last but not least a Boba Fett Card. I asked Marcus for a few Boba Fett quotes and made this sticker to put on a card. It turned out kinda cute. And for the record, Marcus usually buys cards at the store and only signs his name. There have been few cards he’s given even me with heartfelt messages. Consider yourself lucky Joseph. I’m so glad y’all became friends. We hope you enjoy your BroMail! Happy May the 4th!

Wanna see what BroMail Joseph got Marcus? Check it out over on Atypical Familia!

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