Our GUBlife Summer Bucket List

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This year we’re trying to get the most of our summer break. Yes, school is officially out and we have a summer bucket list with our names on it!

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The kids finished this year with a bang and I couldn’t be prouder! They finished the year with A’s and B’s and are looking forward to keeping busy all summer long. They have requested some fun activities before GUBbaby arrives and we can’t wait to break out the summer bucket list and make it all happen.

GUBlife Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List
This summer we won’t be traveling. We plan to be local tourists and keep it chill. We had the whole family pitch in ideas of things to do and our list is not only doable but pretty exciting. We kept it short and hope to get it all done before our family is forced to stay put with a newborn not that anyone is complaining. We’re all excited for all the birthdays this summer too!

The Summer Break we’ve all been waiting for!

Cecilia is most excited about making homemade ice cream, getting a pool, and having a beach day. Bailey looks forward to fixing and riding his bike, getting a pool, and eating s’mores. Marcus and I look forward to making memories with a visit to a state park, landmark, and seeing a movie at midnight for the first time with the kids!

We also added things we enjoy but don’t get a chance to do often like visiting the library, eating s’mores, having a carne asada, watching fireworks and sending snail mail!

Like our Summer Bucket list? Download one for your family! 

We hope to share our local adventures with you all summer long as well as how we’re going to prepare for the new school year with a 3rd and 4th graders! I still can’t believe our kids are 2 and 3 years away from middle school!!!!

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