10 years of Marriage- Oh What a Life We’ve Built Mr.Wright

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My love, we made it to 10 years of marriage! Who would have thought! Us of course. It’s been a road we chose to travel together. A road with a lifetime of memories, lessons, and growth. Let me take you down our memory lane.


meeting mr wright
Meeting you at Disneyland continues to be one of my favorite stories to tell. It’s also that moment I didn’t think life could get more magical at the happiest place on Earth! I’ll never forget our time together exploring the park and getting to know you. Who would have thought I’d meet my MR. Wright!


dating mr wright
Deployment, long distance relationship, happy mail, 4k emails, and calling card phone calls. That pretty much sums up our relationship. How lucky were we to learn to communicate with written words? I think we learned patience here first and also how to communicate with each other. Trying times for sure lol

7/6/07 But really 7/7/07 <3

just married
Sometimes life tells you when the time is right. 7/6 continues to be special and also 7/7 because why not! I’m glad we did things our way on our terms.


1st anniversary 2008
Our 1st wedding anniversary. Why did I want a picnic at the beach again? It must have been a pregnancy thing. Thank you for compromising with me and making me happy out things I now know you don’t like. I hope one day we can return to SD and enjoy the beach together.
pregnant with little man
Awaiting our little man! 2008 was a busy time full of changes for us. This was also the time you went from sea duty to shore duty and the year we’d become first parents. I couldn’t have chosen a better father for our kids. You showed me a whole new side of you and one that reminds me just how extremely blessed we are every day to have you. You’re the partner I’d chose over and over to help raise our babies.


pregnant with little lady
I guess we loved being parents so much we didn’t mind having another one right? lol What were we thinking love? Our little lady rocked our world and completed our family…. or so we thought. Being a family of 4 was a good ride. So many lessons and memories. I think we grew the most after becoming parents.


And here we are, 10 years of marriage later expecting our surprise GUBbaby. Yet another summer baby as we become a family of 5 I feel like our life is about to get so exciting! I can’t wait to raise another Baby Wright with you. I look forward to many more years, life lessons, memories, and growing old with you. P.S. you have more grays than me but you still hot AF <3 love you!

P.S. you have more grays than me now but you still hot AF <3 love you to the moon and back!

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