What ya doin’ with the Holiday leftovers?

Every year our family splits the holiday leftovers. We go on to eat them a few times but usually by day two we are over it. So what do you do with all the holiday leftovers, especially the turkey? holiday leftovers thanksgiving christmas

I’ve created some recipes to use our turkey but my online blogging friends have also made some delicious recipes. I’ve compiled a few of my favorites and a few I’m hoping to try this season. If your family is anything like ours you’ll see some of the same dishes served at different holidays. Here are a variety of recipes, using holiday leftovers, to choose from.

Turkey Leftovers

Turkey Birria by GUBlife

Turkey Mole Enchiladas by PresleysPantry

Turkey Pozole Rojo by GUBlife

Turkey Tinga Tostadas by Lola’s Cocina

Turkey Enchilada Pie by GUBlife

Turkey Stuffed Chile Relleno by Nibbles and Feasts

Turkey Vegetable Chowder by Spanglish Spoon

Turkey Noodle Soup by Mama Harris Kitchen

Pumpkin Leftovers

Pumpkin Tres Leches by Raised By Culture

Pumpkin Empanada by Muy Bueno Cookbook

Cranberry Leftovers

Cranberry Dump Cake by DeSuMama

Cranberry Cookies by BriGeeski

Cranberry Pancake Syrup by MomAdvice

Cranberry Apple Pastelitos by ModernMami

Sweet Potato Leftovers

Sweet Potato Empanadas by DeSuMama

Sweet Potato Biscuits by Unsophisticook

Sweet Potato Pancakes by WholesomeMommy

Veggie Leftovers

5 ways to use Leftover Collard Greens by Lille Punkin’

Thanksgiving Leftovers Risotto by Three Olives Branch

Thanksgiving Pizza by Taste of Lizzy T

Check out more Holiday leftovers on our Pinterest board!

Don’t forget to let us know what your favorites are too!

holiday leftovers

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