GUBlove: National Tortilla Chip Day Recipes

gublove national tortilla chip day-
It’s National Tortilla Chip day and if i’m honest I didn’t even know one existed ’til I saw the hashtag on twitter #NationalTortillaChip !!! Tortilla chips are by far one of our favorite snacks because you can dip them in so many delicious dips, salsas or make them homemade seasoned or plain! But if you know my blogger friends you know nothing is ever just plain. This is why I am excited to share once again a GUBlove round up of some amazingly delicious recipes from my friends!

It’s easy to celebrate National Tortilla Chip make your own dip, pick up a bag or make your own chips too! Our favorite way to eat a tortilla chip is with avocados YUM!  

Make Tortilla Chips for National Tortilla Chip Day


Kid Friendly- Corn Tortilla Chips by GUBlife

Flour Tortilla Chips by Presley’s Pantry

Cinnamon Tortilla Chips by Latino Foodie

Heart Shaped Seasoned  Tortilla Chips by Mama Harris Kitchen


Make a dip for National Tortilla Chip Day


Margarita Guacamole with Casa Noble Tequila by GUBlife

Cucumber Yogurt Dip by Nibbles and Feasts 

Bean dip by Presley’s Pantry

BLT Guacamole by The Other Side of the Tortilla

Baked Feta Mediterranean Dip by Hungry Food Love

Queso Fundido  by The Other Side of the Tortilla

Baked Artichoke Avocado Dip by Presley’s Pantry


Make a Salsa for National Tortilla Chip Day


Avocado Lime Salsa by GUBlife

Queso Fresco Salsa Dip by Presley’s Pantry

Salsa Verde by The Other Side of the Tortilla

Salsa Frijoles de Olla by Sweet Life Bake

Chile de Arbol Salsa by Presley’s Pantry

Mushroom Jalapeño Cilantro Salsa by Muy Bueno CookBook


Be sure to visit and try my friends delicious recipes!

What is your favorite way to eat a tortilla chip!

gublove national tortilla chip day

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