Update: Adjusting to life as a Family of Five

GUBfriends! We miss you! It’s been a few weeks since our family has blogged. It’s been difficult adjusting to this new life. I have so much to update you on.


Last you heard from us, GUBbaby had just been born and my parents came to visit the EastCoast. I was in denial on the healing process of having my third child. So to say adjusting to life as a family of five has been rough is an understatement.


Soon after being discharged from the hospital I was back in ER. The last place I wanted to be was in the ER with a newborn. While I was up and walking and feeling fine for the most part, I was having the hardest time holding my baby. The arm I had my IV put in was infected and soon I found out I was suffering from a blood clot andCellulitis. I was put on meds and dealt with it. It took a couple of weeks and a round of antibiotics to get better.

My parents visit left me broken. It’s so hard to welcome a baby and not have my parents here or my brothers. I missed them the minute they left. The baby blues hit hard and nothing could shake it. I went thru so many emotions but I found myself crying often. It was hard.


I enjoyed having the kids home for the last month before school started. They were a tremendous help. I missed them so much throughout the day. They kept me busy during the weeks where Damian only slept. I did more crying and I was in denial at how hard the baby blues had hit. Marcus even asked if I was ok or if I could be going thru Postpartum Depression. I went thru it after I had Bailey so we were on high alert.



The emotions were still high. I cried on my 33rd birthday and felt so empty. My family celebrated me but I was still so down. All month I binge watched The Office on Netflix. It truly saved me. It was the one thing I could get lost in that made me laugh and lifted my spirits. My days were filled with just getting by I even managed to unplug myself from social media. Marcus also had a few life changes. He changed jobs, had started school, and fell ill.


Late September: Marcus started having blurry vision and suddenly lost sight in one eye. An eye doctor visit turned into an emergency hospital stay. He had severely high blood pressure and his kidneys were in a deadly state. He was hospitalized for 4 days and it took a toll on our whole family. He was put on medication and able to come home. Our lives changed. Marcus had to have a complete life change and our family was committed to it. When you are told your husband could have been gone it changes you forever. He returned to school and work and a just 4 days after he was back in the hospital. We were heartbroken. After changing his workload, eating habits, and our whole family supporting him he still became ill. This time it was the medication. It lowered his blood pressure so bad again he was hospitalized for a few days.

Having a newborn, having my own health issues with the IV, going thru emotional states of just giving birth, having Marcus sick, and adjusting to being a mom of three took a toll on me. These first 3 months took a turn for the most unbelievable situations.


I spent my days trying to keep it together because the last thing I wanted was to fall apart. My kids needed me now more than ever and My husband did too. Needless to say, Breastfeed took a hit. I have a separate post on my journey. I plan to share my story soon. But in short, it was hard so hard to feed my baby and keep sane. I managed to get thru 3 months but alas the well ran dry.


Life is feeling semi-normal again. Our family misses making videos, blogging, and really documenting our life and telling our story.

Marcus is healthy. He is on a low sodium lifestyle now and it’s been great learning to cook for him and have our family pick up on this too. He’s finishing his last semester of college and working so hard for our family.


Bailey- My 4th grader is getting so tall. Just yesterday he told me hey mom i’m up to your ear now. Over the summer he was upto my shoulder. He’s so talkative and an amazing big brother. He still loves his video games but has become so creative with building and storytelling thru lego play.

Cecilia- Oh my big girl. She’s now a 3rd grader and creative as ever. She’s always been my little artistic one. She’s become such an amazing big sis. She helps so much with her baby brother and she couldn’t be prouder of being a big sister.

Damian- This baby oh this baby. He is attached to me. I am his person. He is such a lil ball of joy. When I tell you I am enjoying him to the fullest I really am. I even wear him something I didn’t do with my other kids and it’s just magical. He’s babbling, giggling, and yelling. Ya, it sounds like he yells help it’s pretty funny.


Ruby-me- I’m finally feeling like myself again. The tears have stopped and I’ve been able to figure out a new routine for our family which is so important to us. I’m really tired some days but I’m managing to push thru it. With Damian up longer in the days, I’m really just taking care of him and the big kids. I’ve tried to set some time out for myself and sending happy mail really lifts my spirits. I’ve been able to blog a little (this post has been a few days in the making but that’s ok I’ve enjoyed every minute) My little buddy sticks by me and it’s fun to look away from my screen to see his little face babbling away.


Stay tuned as I make a return and thank you for sticking with us. Whenever I’m not on here find us on Instagram too!

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  1. Melissa Robinson says

    Sending you a big big big hug, Ruby! I miss you dearly on here and social media but knew something was up. I had no idea about everything you and the fam were going thru. You are such a strong and brilliant mama! I hope that the worst is behind you and that sunnier days are ahead.

    And I’m so so happy to hear that Your hubby is doing better.

    Sending you all lots and lots of love!

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