My husband has always had one favorite super hero, SPIDERMAN.
I’ve never been into the whole comic book stuff but I’ve learned enough by the comic book lover my husband is.
I never realized how huge of an impact his love for all things super hero would have on our kids. I realized when little man was about 1 year old that he too would love spidey. I know my husband was fascinated by the more advance things he knew about spidey. I wondered if my son would ever find it hard to relate.

The reason why I wondered was because spiderman was all around him but looked nothing like dad or him.
Little man has
1- book bags and toys with everything spidey.
2- clothes, shoes, and even pjs with spidey.
3- His coming home outfit was spidey!!!
4- not to mention dad and little man’s growing collection of action figures and hero-clix i’m sure there’s a good 20+ spideys in the bunch.

You can imagine the relief I felt when I found out the new spiderman comic books would have a new boy wearing the costume. Not just any boy, a Black and Hispanic boy at that! You know someone who is like my little man.

In a weird way I began to love Spiderman.

buying 1st comic book

We ended up taking little man to buy his first comic book to our local store the “Collectors Corner”, as soon as we knew it was out. We grabbed it and little man payed Mr. Darryl for it himself. He grabbed the book, opened it up to the first page, and there he saw Miles Morales the new Spiderman.

I know my son doesn’t understand this now but when he’s a little older and he begins to wonder what superhero’s are and what they really look like under the mask, at least once he will be able to relate to one super hero.

We all want someone to relate to and now my son has a chance to relate to a superhero!
Thank you Mr.Brian Michael Bendis for creating a character my kid can relate to!

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