Our top 11 of 2011

  1. Little Man calling Dad YEYE
  2. Celebrating Black History Month with crafts!
  3. Being Catholic as a family for the first time!
  4. Visiting Tijuana Mexico and learning new Spanish words
  5. Visiting Disneyland for the first time!
  6. Starting GUB LIKE US
  7. Auntie and Uncle Visit us on the East Coast
  8. Bicultural Spider man!
  9. Cooking with momma for Hispanic Heritage
  10. Little man finally being Potty Trained!
  11. Celebrating Dia de los Muertos 
I have to share that this year has been an  amazing one for my family and myself personally. I was able to be a part of different projects and events that took our blog to a whole new level. I was able to work from home to spend time with my kids. I traveled the most I have ever sometimes with the kids other times alone. They were able to experience things they might not have if it wasn’t for this awesome blogging community!
I was able to attend 3 conferences this year in San Diego, DC, and Chicago! I became a contributor of 2 awesomely major sites; Multicultural Family and SpanglishBaby. I also became Co-Director of LATISM Philly chapter all because i chose to follow my dreams!
Thank you to all our GUB readers and friends! You are like family, we are thankful for the constant support!

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