10 Ways My Family Preserves Heritage

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

I often ask the hubs a million question about his family. I do so for two reasons. One- It’s important to know about his family. His heritage is now OUR heritage. Two- Our children need to hear the stories, family names and all about where their daddy’s side of the family comes from and what they’ve been through.

When Little Man was just a year old I decided that it wasn’t to early to learn about history and both heritages. Being a bicultural child is special we have both heritages to be proud of-  Each being special in its own way. Celebrating our roots is something I take great pride in teaching our children.

My kids are still young, only 4 and 5 but still learning about who they are and where our families come from is important to building up the persons they will become.

Here are 10 ways Families can preserve their heritage too

  1. 1-Discuss cultural topics and keep them positive- Hair care and skin color are HUGE topics in our family. We make sure to Always address these topics with love and great pride.
  2. 2-Going on adventures- Exploring Black History-by visiting places like D.C. or Museums
  3. 3-Learning about Iconic people in History- Black History Icons for us are Leaders like Martin Luther King Jr
  4. 4-Give children a voice to share what they’d learned- I let the kids tell me stories based off books they read I let them explore the possibilities of a positive outcome before sharing a struggle that may be negative.
  5. 5-Traditions like the African American National Anthem- I never knew this existed but the hubs shared it recently and this is now a sacred hymn that we share with kids. Also. the tradition of celebrating and discussing Black History.
  6. 6-Crafts to discuss stories that changed our world Like Ruby Bridges
  7. 7-Books about heritage- We have a collection of books dedicated to Black History for kids. These are equally as important to read any day of the year as they are during Black History Month.
  8. 8-Spending time with family-My inlaws and my parents can teach ours so much more than I can about their Heritage. As well as attending Family Reunions Get to know your families.
  9. 9-Family photos + videos-It’s important to share both present and past with the kids keep these memories safe.
  10. 10-Take kids into the kitchen-Learning to cook certain meals is just as valuable as tasting them. The hubs takes great pride in making yams and homemade mac and cheese just like his family.

The key to preserving the beauty of our heritage is by always making it a priority in the way we keep it alive within our family. From the adventures we seek to learn on to the books we read to the stores where we buy products and ingredients our heritage is kept relevant and true by us.

I am happy to announce that Walmart is celebrating the beauty of your heritage for Black History
Join in the celebration by sharing a photo :

What did beauty look like in your grandmother’s generation? Your mom’s? Yours?
Share by tagging your Instagram photos. #MyBeautifulHeritage #WalmartBeauty

Thanks to Walmart for acknowledging this month and celebrating with us! It’s important for my kids to know who they are and why a month is dedicated to the celebration of their heritage. I want my kids to be able to discuss and share proudly who they are and who their parents are.

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