We’re celebrating Mixed Heritage Week


It’s Mixed Heritage Week here on GUB!  It was back in 2013 that we learned UC Davis had an on-campus celebration that started this tradition to celebrate what GUB stands for. I searched online for others who maybe were celebrating this week but came up short. Since then we’ve taken it upon us to encourage you, our readers to take action by celebrating your family, heritage, cultures, and traditions. There’s no better time than now to start the conversation with your families in discovering, preserving, and exploring more of your mixed heritage. 

Our own discoveries have led us down a path of DNA testing, food tasting, Family Reunion attending, and even mapping out more of our family tree! We’re hoping to explore pueblos in Mexico and land with traces of ancestry in Georgia in the future! 

Mixed Heritage Week for us is important because it’s a time to share, connect, and inspire others to celebrate who they identify as! Our family identifies as Blackxican but that’s the beauty that we can all have a conversation about how that makes our families unique. 

We hope this sparks your interest in learning more about your family. 

Mixed Heritage Week is Feb 26th thru March 2nd


Here are some ways we’ve celebrated our family’s Mixed Heritage that will be sure to inspire your family too:

Starting a conversation: How to talk to about Mixed Heritage with your kids

Reading: 10 Books to Explore Mixed Heritage

DNA: Discovering our roots and exploring our DNA results

Join us: We have a Facebook group join us at GUBclub

People like us: More Mixed Heritage Bloggers you should know

Video: Mixed Heritage Chat

Read: Being a Parent to Mixed Heritage Children

Discover: 10 Ways Families can Preserve Their Heritage


Let us know how you’re celebrating or share this with someone you know!


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