GUBdates: What’s going on with the GUB family

We are back on the East Coast!
We came home to snow after leaving weather in the 80s back in Cali. The kids are jet lagged I’m congested and need a vacation from a vacation.

Visiting California is always fun but there has never been a time that it was easy to say goodbye to my family. This year I won’t be visiting for months at a time. The kids finally have us busy doing different things. Little Man starting school definitely took a shift in our world. Now Little Lady is being signed up for Kinder and out lives will be much more chaotic.

Little Man is loving t-ball and Little Lady is showing interest in dance school. Blogging has become much more than full time and I feel very lucky to be able to share our world with you!

Incase you missed the fun here are a few things I wanted to share:

The Family
We went on GUBcation for DisneySMMoms

For Easter:
I share a favorite My No Bake Cheesecake now requires a little baking! It’s the Very Berry Chocolate Cheesecake! I promise it’s delicious!

The kids model some comfy cute Easter Fashion for kids

We made some Easter Glitter Eggs for our favorite sports team DODGERS

The kids

Little Lady and I partnered up with Barbie for The Barbie Project! 

We’ve also started a Bilingual Friday

Mom and Dad

I’ve introduced a new segment on the blog Mama does Beauty I blame my aging on all this exploring

Dad is forever winning my love when he makes his famous banana nut waffles

Stay tuned for more awesomeness from the GUB family!

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